B&H art in architecture, ltd.was established in 1990, is a specialized contracting company only working for historical and landmark sites' conservation, facade restoration and decorative ornaments repair, replacement and re-design to match original, new decoration ornaments design and fabrication.

Since 1990, we have worked with many architect firms and construction companies at many famous landmark projects in New York city, such as:

  • NYC Department of Education(known as Tweed Courthouse) 16 corinthian style capitals details replacement;
  • The New York State Supreme Court Appellate Division Courthouse, facade restoration and rooftop over 20 life size marble statues repair;
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Arts, facade limestone dutchmen and rooftop Goddess heads repair and replacement, museum objects repair;
  • The Cloisters Museum three of 12 century early gothic windows repair, 4 of 15 century late gothic windows repair and re construction, other objects replacement and repair, etc;
  • The American Museum of Natural History, granite facade dutchmen repair; The New York City Public Library Main Branch marble facade over 2,000 decorative locations repair and replacement;
  • The New York City Public Library Jefferson Market Branch Library front entrance decoration ornaments replacement;
  • The Grace Church of New York, over 30 tracery windows repair and replacement, many pinnacles, finials, bases, and steeple repair, replacement of missing ornaments;
  • The Saint Patrick Cathedral, marble facade repair and replacement;
  • The Players Club, front brown stone portico details replacement and rebuilding;
  • The Frick Collection, limestone decorative ornaments repair and replacement;
  • The Kykuit, Rockefeller Brothers' Fund, Decorative ornaments repair and replacement;
  • The Lyndhurst, The National Trust for Historic Preservation, ornaments repair and replacement;

and more.

We are the only company that has the experience for on site restoration repair and replacement in NYC.

We are the only company that have repaired and replaced over 40 tracery windows in NYC.

We are artists, but we also are conservationists, we know the standards. We have never failed any project, anything is possible, anything is possible. We also have perfect working safety records.

Our slogan is 'S.Q.S.", Safety, Quality and Schedule.